July Books

white dragonwalden on wheelsbenedict societyetiquette espionagePrintchangelessblamelessheartlesstimelessperfect wifedragonsdawn

never girls 1never girls 2never girls 3

*I do love Gail Carriger’s books. They’re light and entertaining and I’ve read the series twice in the past year. However, she overuses the word “comestibles.” And “alacrity.”
**I am very curious as to what happens in future E&E books since there was an allusion to the intelligencers being disbanded around the time of the Great Pickleman Revolt (Timeless).

*Though not listed here, I read over half of Inventing English by Seth Lerer before returning it to the library. I hate to leave books unfinished, but after having the book for over 2 months, and having to force myself to read it, I gave up. It’s not a bad book by any means, but he uses a lot of textual examples and that can be a bit overwhelming. I will probably give the book another shot come winter.

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