Favorite Books Throughout My Life

My tastes in books have changed over the last few decades, moving away from an almost strictly fantasy/sci-fi bent towards something more diverse (non-fiction, primarily…I love history, but I also have a soft spot for manga/graphic novels).

The book that started it all was Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey. My book-loving, librarian of a mother was distraught that I screamed and threw tantrums when she took me to our local library.  For whatever reason, she settled on the above book as a possible gateway drug and handed it to me when  I was around nine years old. I was hooked from the moment I finished the first chapter and have been reading voraciously ever since.

Some of the books span the categories as I’ve defined them. There are still books I jump into more than two decades after I first read them. I’ve read every book listed here more than once. Some so many times that I’ve lost count.

Favorites in Childhood (elementary-middle school)

This category is huge. I had a pool of between 100-200 books that I regularly read over and over and over….

dragonsongdragonsingerthe blue swordwitch of blackbird ponddoor hedgewise childthe changeoverdealing with dragonswhich witch westing game redwalllives christopher chant illyrian adventure chrysalids charmed life

Favorites as a teenager (middle school-high school)

Pretty much all of these books are the first books of a series/trilogy. With the exception of Crystal Singer and Killashandra, I’ve only listed the first book.

crystal singer killashandradaughter empire diamond throne dragonbone chair eye of the world magic kingdom rowan

Favorites in College(ish)

kitchendemian100 yrs solitudeHP1
catch 22memoirs geisha

Favorites now

neverwheresunshinep&pketurahhunger games 3parasol protectorategirl geniusmr g


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