2nd Grade Curriculum, 2013-2014

Our official school start date is rapidly approaching (for myself as well, come to that…). Some of the electives are givens. Some of them are wishful thinking.

While there are a lot of subjects shown, actual seatwork shouldn’t take us more than 2-3 hours depending on the day and Bean’s behavior.We don’t do every subject every day, and some of the subjects are usually done in about 15 minutes.  We also won’t do every subject right of the bat. We’ll start with the core subjects and add things in over several weeks.

Here is what we’ll be doing for 2nd grade:


Arithmetic RightStart C / Math Mammoth 2A-2B / Dreambox
Reading – Bean will read aloud to me each school day
Spelling / Phonics – Explode the Code books 4 1/2, 7, & 8
WritingWriting With Ease Level 2
EnglishFirst Language Lessons Level 2
US History / Geography* – Bean will learn about the presidents at co-op
ScienceElemental Science Earth Science & Astronomy for the Grammar Stage
Music – Piano Lessons
Visual ArtsMeet the Masters / Monthly art class at the Albright-Knox Art Museum
Health Education**
Physical Education – Ballet / Tap / Swim / Gymnastics


World HistoryStory of the World, Vol 2
Spanish Song School Spanish
LatinSong School Latin
Logic – various resources
Religion Telling God’s Story, Year 1 (we’ll attempt give this another shot)

* NY requires US History and Geography each year (as far as I can tell), so I make the subjects fit when and where I can. A national holiday is coming up? – there’s a lesson. We’re going to visit a location of historical significance? – there’s a lesson.  For Geography, I would like to do it formally this year. I might use the same book we used in Kindergarten (Evan-Moor Beginning Geography), or I might do Expedition Earth. The former is physical geography whereas the latter is cultural.

** NY also requires Health Education. I see no reason why we should do a formal study at this age, so I try to make a point to bring it up in every day life – personal hygiene, fire safety, personal safety, drugs/alcohol misuse, etc…


One response to “2nd Grade Curriculum, 2013-2014

  1. Anne Rutherford

    How can I sign up to be one of your students? Grin. Great work!

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