August Books

to kill a warlockbane perurunaway queenmidnight heirvampires sconeslady of devicesher own devicesmagnificent devicesbrilliant devicesgears of wonderlandtimepiecephoenix rising

baby island

*I did end up reading To Kill a Warlock in its entirety. It improved in the sense that there were only two additional glaringly horrid metaphors – one using Whitney Houston’s lust for cocaine, and another about Rumplestiltskin’s bodily fluids. The overarching premise was interesting, but the writing was choppy and the characters seemed immature. I would only read the other novels in this series if they were free. And even then, I would prefer to recap the plot on Wikipedia (but alas, there is no entry for H.P. Mallory or any of her books). Not my cup of  tea.

*On the flip side, I thought the Devices series was good. I ended up buying the next three books for my iPad while in Germany because I had to keep reading them. The female lead is strong and uses her brains to solve her problems.


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