Summer Wrap Up and 9/8/13 Weekly Recap

School and reading was mostly pushed to the wayside this summer. I didn’t want it to be, but between summer camp and spending most of our time outside while at home, we still had leftover first grade work. We also didn’t get through very many of the books I designated for summer read-alouds. Overall, Bean had fun at both Girl Scout and YMCA summer camps. She will do both again next summer.

Summer Read-Alouds

never girls 1 never girls 2 never girls 3
baby island socks

This past week was our first week of 2nd grade. It was  supposed to be a short week, but because of drill, we did school Wed-Sun. However, we only did four subjects: math, reading, history, and science. The first two being the only core subjects we’re doing. Partly because I want to start moving library books/videos related to history and science, and partly because I want to ease Bean back into school.

We also had two orientations: one for Bean and one for Bug. Bean has been participating in a homeschool co-op for the past two years. This was the first year they had an orientation. It’s going to be a bit tricky at first because she will be there over lunch this year, and her lunch coincides with when Bug gets out of her Montessori class.

Bug had an orientation for her Montessori preschool class. She’ll be going five days per week (the now-toddler boy will go to the toddler room two days a week) for 2 1/2 hours per day. Bug is a very hands-on learner, so this will be perfect for her. I’m also hoping it will help with her speech problems. They have drastically improved since the beginning of summer, and I’m thinking it’s a combination of bumping up to four days of therapy per week, and having gymnastics two days per week.

Math – we still have yet to finish up MM1B. We’re almost done, but not quite. Bean managed to get 4 lessons done – addition/subtraction review and shapes.

Ladybug, September 2013
The Magic School Bus Takes a Moonwalk

Current Read Aloud

History – SOTW2 is now officially underway! We knocked out Chapter 1: The Glory that was Rome on Wednesday. I read the chapter, and Bean colored the barbarian, did mapwork, answered end of chapter questions, did a narration, and one of the activities. The only reason we did the activity was because it could work for dinner, and I had all of the ingredients on hand.

We also started Chapter 2: Early Days of Britain. We only read the first of the three sections, answered the questions, and did a narration (for SOTW-work). But we did watch an Animated History with Pipo episode about Celts, and read Life of the Ancient Celts.

Science – Our final subject of the week was Elemental Science’s Earth Science and Astronomy. We completed the first lesson which was an overview of the earth and the moon.  Because of Discovery Education Streaming Plus, watched a lot of videos about the topic. I had a hard time finding relevant videos last year, so I decided to give DES+ a shot.  No science experiments, but that is because I realized too late that I don’t have an experiment book.


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