SOTW2: Ch 1 & Ch 2

Chapter 1: Glory that Was Rome, was a quick one day affair. I didn’t want to take a lot of time on it since it we covered the topic two months ago. I read the chapter while Bean colored a picture of a barbarian. Then we did mapwork, answered end of chapter questions, and did a short narration (she dictated, I wrote, then she copied). We petered out fairly quickly last year on the extras, so we’ll see how long we last this year.

For extras, we did actually do one of the activities in the AG – eat like a Roman soldier. That one was easy in that I had all supplies on hand. My husband made a campfire so we could cook the foil packets for dinner. Although when I initially told him what we were doing and what the ingredients were, he gave me a weird look and kept repeating, “potatoes?” It took me a few moments to realize potatoes = new world food = not known to Romans. He also had comments about our use of foil, and I told him to stop being a spoilsport. As for the meal, it was tasty, and I’m sure we’ll make it again.


Chapter 2: Early Days of Britain.  This chapter took us almost a week to get through because of the book on Celts I wanted to read. It was slow going for Bean’s listening abilities, but I wanted to finish it before we moved on to Beowulf.

On Day 1 we read the first of the three sections, answered questions, did a narration, and watched a 10 minute video about Celts.

Days 2-5  were taken up reading the book about Celts.

On Day 6 we read the final two sections, answered questions, did a narration, and read a picture book retelling of Beowulf. We also read the corresponding pages in UILE.

*I chose to go with the book below for an overview of the Celts, but Celts (Flashback History) by Dereen Taylor was another choice. It would have been overload to read both of them. As it was, it took four days to get through this one.
*There were also several options for Beowulf. I went with The Hero Beowulf by Eric Kimmel because it was short and it stopped with the killing of Grendel. I would have liked to have read this version, but it was almost 100 pages, and as much as I hate to admit it, with everything else going on, there isn’t the time to read it and do everything else.

ancient celtsbeowulf kimmel

Animated History with Pipo, Disc 1 “Celts and Vikings” (Part 1 is Celts)


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