First GS Meeting of the Year

Last night was our first meeting of the year. Once again I have both Brownies and Daisies, but this time they’re all meeting at the same time. Alternating weeks last year about did me in.

It looks like there will be 14 girls – 9 Brownies and 5 Daisies. Three new girls are joining us this year. We did lose a few from last year, but that’s generally going to happen every year for one reason or another.

The intent of this meeting was for me to talk to the parents about the upcoming year, and for my AL to work with the girls, doing some review of the Promise and Law, and a fun activity. It only sort of worked out that way because it was open house night for K-2 in our district, and a lot of my girls are in those grades. I had only one parent stay for the parent meeting, so I went over everything with her. Everyone else will get an email because I want to dive straight into badgework next week. It took me 3-4 meetings to get badgework up and running last year and I don’t want to make that mistake again.

On to the meeting!

I did Opening Circle with the girls, going over what it is and why we do it. We said the GS Promise twice. Several of the girls (mine included) were a bit on the silly/over-exuberant side and I had to keep reminding them to behave. Redoing troop rules will happen in the near future.

My AL took over from there and lead the girls on a treasure hunt for gold coins. Each coin had a line of the GS Law wrapped around it. When all 10 coins were found (and chocolate eaten), the girls had to put the lines in the correct order.

GS Law coins1

Once they finished the GS Law, the girls moved on to making garden stones for our garden at the church. My AL bought quick-crete, cheap plastic bowls for molds, small ceramic tiles, and brads. I bought glass jewels. She poured the mix into the bowls and the girls decorated them. The personality of a given girl definitely shows through on how she decorated her stone.

We’ll put them out in the garden once the stones have set.

garden stones1

After cleaning up, we did Closing Circle, again reviewing the what and the why. The girls love twisting out at the end. All in all a good night and a good start to the year.

bean garden stone1


One response to “First GS Meeting of the Year

  1. Ooooh…love this idea for the Daisy Flower Garden Journey.

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