Girl Scouts – Butter and Gardens

Tonight was our second meeting of the year. After this, we’ll resume our twice a month meeting schedule. I think it went well over all, and the girls were better behaved than I’d seen them in a while.

We started off with our Opening Circle and some business – mainly that the annual SU pj party is next month (bit hit with the girls). Then they split off by level. My AL took the Daisies, and I had the Brownies.

AL reviewed our Petal Board and the three petals the girls will be working on at first – Pink, Yellow, and Orange. And then explained the Journey they would start – Welcome to the Flower Garden.

Petal Board

She read the book The Curious Garden, and the girls planted mini-gardens of basil (or oregano?) in styrofoam egg cartons. Session 1 of the Journey is complete!

The girls finished before the set regrouping time, so I sent Bean over to their room to teach them “Princess Pat” (more about that in the Brownies section). I should have given her more things to do for her section, but you can’t always gauge how fast or slow things will go. Both of us will get our bearings. Each year has been different, so each year new bearings are made.

We started off with GS Law practice (I used the same strips the girls made last year). They had to figure out which order the strips went in. There was definite give and take, and some girls took charge while some sat in the background, but in the end they figured it out. For me, I had to find balance as to when to interject when one girl was on the right track, but another more in charge girl wanted to change what the first girl had done. In all, they did a good job with only two lines out of order. We’ll keep working on this at the beginnings of the meetings. I would like them to know the GS Law by heart.

cvb 022

GS WayBecause the girls had sat still for a bit, we started working on our first requirement for the GS Way Badge – sing a song. Because Bean knows ” Princess Pat” (scroll down for the alternate lyrics) from summer camp, and because it’s fun to sing/act out, I decided that we would learn that song. Some of the girls were more into it than others, but all in all they had fun. Yet another thing I want to work on at meetings until the girls have it down. Maybe we could sing it for the parents…

Home ScientistOnce we finished singing the song a few times, we moved on to BUTTER!! At our Daisy Camp Out in June, we weren’t able to get the fifth requirement for the Home Scientist Badge taken care of, so we did it tonight – kitchen science. The last time we did it, the girls made salad dressing (failure on the liking it part). I didn’t want to make ice cream since I’d heard from other leaders that the bags tend to break. And rock candy can’t be done in one meeting. So butter it was! I followed the directions given on this video, and it worked! The girls loved shaking the cream, and were amazed when it actually worked. Then they spread it on bread and salted the living daylights out of it.

Bean with her butter

Bean with her butter

Butter close-up

Butter close-up

At the end of the meeting, the girls came back together for Closing Circle. They went into the play room to play while I went over QSP and did a very quick recap of the Parent’s Meeting from last week. The gist of that was:

*I would like it if everyone participated in QSP. I know it’s not well-liked (I don’t particularly care for it), but next year some of the girls will be Juniors,  and I want them to do both QSP and cookies in anticipation of other fundraising. By “participation” I mean filling out the address booklet, selling one $5 nut item, and/or  selling one magazine subscription (2 of 3, please). Nothing fancy, not a lot of effort, but it’s something.

*Uniforms: I want the girls in them this year. Sashes, vests, tunics…yes. But it would be nice to have the girls all dress alike. If Boy Scouts are in full uniform whenever they’re doing something, why can’t Girl Scouts? So both levels of girls will wear a light blue polo shirt with either khaki pants or the official GS skirt/skort. Baby steps…if they’re all the same on the top, and mostly the same on the bottom, then I’m good.


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