Weekly Recap 9/29/13

This week saw all three kids, plus myself, sick with hacking colds. It was a week where I fell behind with my schooling because in conjunction with everyone except my never-gets-sick-because-of-some-jedi-mind-trick husband, I had Girl Scouts on Thursday, a reception for my grad school on Friday, and all weekend I worked the GS booth at the wildlife festival (along with training a new Daisy leader on Saturday evening). Time? What’s that again? It’s more than just a math lesson in the current chapter of MM?

Math – We completed chapter 1 in MM2A. There was no test since it was a review lesson. Instead, we started chapter 2 (all about time) a day early. This chapter focuses on time in five-minute increments and understand the concepts of “X minutes past X” and “X minutes until X”. Bean is having a bit of trouble with the “until” portion. I’m trying to get it into her head that she has to use subtraction, but it’s not sinking in quite yet.

Reading – Bean only read to me one time this week because she had a nasty cough/cold for most of the week.
Ivy + Bean: What’s the Big Idea?

Current Read Aloud – Still plugging through picture books about King Arthur

ETC – We completed Lesson 2, which focused on syllables with a v/cv break.

FLL – We completed Lessons 3-6. Once again, Bean surprised me with how quickly she memorized “The Goops”, and how she has forgotten the definitions of nouns, pronouns, and verbs.

WWE – We completed Week 2, with readings from The Patchwork Girl of Oz. Bean is doesn’t like dictation. She wants to see the sentence on paper when she writes it out. I had to break the sentences down into parts for her. She did it, but it looks like we’ll have to build up to writing a sentence dictated in its entirety.

History – This week, we completed Chapter 3: Christianity Comes to Britain. The chapter covered Augustine, monasteries, and manuscripts. It would have been more standout to Bean if we’d done any activity with it. I might see if I can find some recipes for making ink from plants and give that a shot. The reality is that I probably won’t because I don’t have the time to do everything as it is.

Science – This week, we finished Lesson 4: Storms, Wind, Earthquakes, & Floods and started Lesson5: Tornadoes and Volcanoes.

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