King Arthur

I absolutely LOVE the King Arthur legends, and one of the reasons I am excited to do SOTW2 is because the legends fit with in its time frame (around chapters 2 and 3). We took a little bit of time off from SOTW in order to read KA books. I checked out close to 30 of them from the library, but managed to winnow it down to seven. Bean seems to enjoy them too, which is a plus. Though our opening conversation for the topic shows the extent of her KA knowledge:

Me: We’re going to read some books about King Arthur!
Bean: Why?
Me: Because KA is cool!
Bean: Why is KA cool? Because he made a store for flour?


KA sword stone talbottround table talbottexcaliber talbottlancelot talbott
kitchen knightguineveremerlin and the dragon

Other books that we’ll read because Bean took a shine to KA:
Young Arthur
Young Lancelot
Young Merlin

Elementary Video Adventures: Times Medieval “The Legend of King Arthur” (DES+)


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