Weekly Recap 10/6/13

We were mostly recovered from being sick this week, so school went on as normal.  Bean had her first First Friday Art class of the school year at the Albright-Knox. It looks like they did a little bit of this and that (drawings and print-making). Bean was wowed by a new 3D exhibit at the museum.

I also have some things to post about Bug (which rarely happens). Several months ago, I bought a BambinoLUK based upon a thread on one of the homeschool forums I visit. It took me until now to actually break it out and use it with Bean. All I can say is that if you have a preschooler, this is a great tool. Bug can’t get enough of it. At it’s simplest level, it’s a matching game. And a pattern on the back of the tiles tells you if you matched them appropriately. But each game is slightly different and works on different skills. I will buy more of the workbooks at some point in the near future.

Math – Bean finished Chapter 2 in MM2A (clocks). She scored an 81% on the test because she messed up several questions that dealt with time difference, like how many minutes is it from 1:25 to 2:10. This is definitely a weak point for her, but we’ll hit it again at some point in RS C. I might also buy some of the extra worksheets from MM that focus solely on clocks/time.

Speaking of RS C, I am hoping to switch over to it for a while after this, but I don’t know if I have the time to do all of the prep work. We’ll see…

Reading – Bean says she doesn’t like reading, but she’s been staying up late reading Babymouse books in bed. I think part of her problem is that DH and I correct her when she reads to us (she reads what she thinks should be there instead of reading the actual words).

Ivy + Bean: What’s the Big Idea?

Current Read Aloud
Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library
*Interesting, some of the references go over Bean’s head because she’s not old enough to know them. She likes it, but it’s definitely geared towards 10 and up.

ETC – Bean completed Lesson 3, which covered vc/v breaks, causing the  first vowel to be closed. She does seem to be understanding this more than when we did ETC4 last year.

FLL – Bean completed lessons 7-10.  Three of the lessons focused on linking verbs, and one was a story narration.

WWE – We completed Week 3. The excerpts came from Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. Bean liked the story (we’ve read it before), but she continues to hate dictations. I think in part because she distracts herself so easily that she forgets what she’s supposed to write. Something to work on.

History – We completed two chapters this week, Chapter 4: The Byzantine Empire, and Chapter 5: The Medieval Indian Empire. Both of them we went through fairly quickly, with no crafts or activities (some of that was due to my poor planning).  If I could do it over again, for Chapter 5, I would check out a book on Diwali and buy some colored sand to make sand pictures with. Bean would have enjoyed it.

Both chapters have videos associated with them that we watched. Chapter 4 was an episode of Animated History with Pipo, and Chapter 5 was a Time Warp Trio video on DES+. Thanks to that one, Bean is now hooked on watching the rest of the Time Warp Trio videos.

One short musing of Bean’s to round out this section: she thought Justinian was a wuss when he wanted to run away from Constantinople when his palace was being attacked by rioters.

Science – We finished Lesson 5: Earthquakes & Volcanoes. After reading the entry in the Usborne encyclopedia, we read a book on volcanoes, watched a Bill Nye video on YouTube, and made our own volcano using a water bottle and salt dough. All three kids loved watching it erupt.


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