ES Earth Science: Lessons 3 & 4

Lesson 3: Seasons & Weather. Last week, we jammed through lesson 3. I know it gets repetitive, but Bean really does enjoy reading/learning about all things science.  I don’t have much to add beyond the fact that I bought a cloud chart and some Earth Science-related posters and need to get them laminated so I can hang them up in our school room.


seasons gibbonsweather dewittweather words gibbons
cloud bookdown comes the rain

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Earth’s Seasons (library)
Magical Mother Nature: The Four Seasons
DK Eyewitness: Weather
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Water Cycle

Bean sort of did some experiments this week. I bought her the SmartLab Toys You Track It Weather Lab. It’s essentially a very entry-level weather station. Lucky for her, it arrived on a stormy day, so she got to see it in action. She ran outside countless times on Saturday to check the temperature to see how much more rain had collected in the gauge.


Lesson 4: Storms, Wind, Earthquakes, & Floods. I don’t have much to write about this lesson because it’s taken me so long to get around to writing a blurb about it! We have the generic “Bean loves science”  line because that’s been pretty much every lesson this year (and most of last year). We didn’t do any activities, though I plan on taking a week off of science lessons right before we move onto the section on rocks to focus solely on all of the experiments we didn’t do.

*For True Books: Floods, we only read chapters 1 & 2, as well as the pages that discussed sea walls and gates.

true book floodscrash feel the wind nat geo stormsearthquakes

Magic School Bus Kicks up a Storm (own)
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Storms
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Wind (YouTube)
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Earthquakes (iPad)
Elementary Video Adventures: Dynamic Earth, “Tidal Wave” (DES+)
I Want to Know: Wind (DES+) –>Bean thought it was boring


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