SOTW2: Chapters 3, 4, & 5

Chapter 3: Christianity Comes to Britain. I waited a bit too long to write about this chapter. We did a lot of reading. Bean wasn’t riveted.

*What Were Castles For? – we read pages 22-23, which dealt with monasteries

across a dark and wild seabrigid's cloakholy twins ink garden maguerite what were castles for

Elementary Video Adventures: Times Medieval “Medieval Manuscripts” (DES+)

I wanted to do an activity with this, but my lack of pre-planning caused a fail. The book, The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane, has links in the back for instructions on how to make ink from plants. I would have liked to have done that with Bean, but it didn’t happen. I also had a book from the library called The Crafts and Culture of a Medieval Monestary.  It had a couple of activities that would have been fun (like making pretzels).


Chapter 4:  The Byzantine Empire. I hate to admit this, but Bean’s lasting impression from this chapter is the wussiness Justinian showed when rioters were going to storm his palace and Theodora had to convince him to stay or lose his emperor status forever. Admittedly, Justinian must have been a courageous man to have been such a successful military leader, but kids have a tendency to focus on one small thing and make that their central memory of an event/story.


st nicholas

Kid’s Animated History with Pipo: Byzantine

We sort of did an activity with this chapter. The AG includes paper dolls to color and cut out. Bean enjoyed making the dolls. In the future, I’ll need to make sure I plan ahead so we can make a mosaic.


Chapter 5: The Medieval Indian Empire. Bean definitely likes the stories associated with The Ramayana. We read some others last year when learned about Ancient India in SOTW1.

* We read pages 24-26 of The Asian Empires, which focused on the Guptas.
*At some point, I want to read Ramayana for Children to Bean. I’ll add it to my already incredibly long list of books I want to read to her.

asian empires rama demon king

Time Warp Trio: Dude, Where’s My Karma?

Yet another chapter that suffered from me not looking in the AG book to plan ahead for activities. The next time around, I want to check out a book on Diwali, and do the sand painting activity listed in the AG.

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