Weekly Recap 10/13/13

This week was somewhat stressful in that I realized that Girl Scouts is sucking my life away. I have 10 different activities in October that are all GS-related.  Next month shouldn’t be so busy, but holy nardles…this is too much.

School-wise everything went fine. I just wish I could freeze time so we could do everything that we want to do.

Math – We started RS C this week. Four lessons in and so far so good. Each lesson starts with a different type of Venn Diagram, and the rest of each lesson reviews math facts. The lessons have taken less than 20 minutes to complete (though we’ve been playing “Go to the Dump” and an addition version of Memory which adds extra time). It’s a nice change of pace from MM2A. And Bean can swing from the bar in the coat closet for the first portion of each RS lesson since it’s mental math.

Ivy + Bean: What’s the Big Idea?

*I have to add that in addition to reading the above book for school, Bean has been devouring the multiple Babymouse graphic books I bought a while ago. Yes there are more pictures than words, but she’s reading, and she likes it. Besides, I love graphic novels too. And there are some good one out there for kids (once she’s a wee bit older).

Current Read Aloud
Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

ETC – Bean completed Lesson 4, which  reviewed v/cv and vc/v syllable splits. We should be finished with ETC4 right around Thanksgiving if we continue with one lesson per week.

FLL – Lessons 11-14 completed. Bean continued reciting “The Goops” to me. We also reviewed the four types of sentences (statement, question, command, and exclamation) and started learning about commas.

WWE – We completed Week 4. The literature selection was from Doctor Doolittle (a book that has now been added to the already insanely long list of books I want to read to Bean). Bean still really dislikes dictation. She is good at memorization (see how quickly she learns the various poems we’ve worked on both this year and last year), but she is digging her heels in with dictation. I hate to break it to her, but sometimes school just sucks and she has to deal with it. Knowing how to write things down after hearing them is a skill she will need.

History – As like last week, we also went through two chapters of SOTW – Chapter 6: The Rise of Islam, and Chapter 7: Islam Becomes an Empire. Both are chapters I didn’t want to skip because some of history’s larger/est events Islam and its empires, but at the same time, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on them.

Science – We did Lesson 6: Mountains, Rivers, and Rivers of Ice (Glaciers) this week. Nothing much to add other than we read books and watched videos. And now Bean wants to go to Greenland.

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