ES Earth Science: Lessons 5 & 6

Lesson 5: Tornadoes & Volcanoes. We actually managed an experiment with this lesson! There’s no way you can not make a baking soda-vinegar volcano when learning about volcanoes.

*Even though hurricanes aren’t technically covered in this lesson (or the previous one, unless you squirrel it under storms), it was listed alongside tornadoes as a topic to read about this week.
*I can’t believe I forgot to look for Magic School Bus books for this chapter! Belatedly, I’ve put holds on three books: MSB Twister Trouble, MSB Voyage to the Volcano (these first to are chapter books), and MSB Inside a Hurricane (picture book).

tornadoes gibbonshurricanes gibbonsvolcanoes schreiber

Other Books
Tornado Alert!

Magic School Bus Blows Its Top (own)
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Volcanoes (YouTube)
Elementary Video Adventures: Dynamic Earth “Tornadoes” (DES+)

We did actually do an activity this week! The good old baking soda-vinegar volcano. Bean built a volcano out of a small water plastic water bottle and salt dough. Then we poured baking soda, dish soap, and food coloring into the bottle. And finally, Bean did the honor of pouring the vinegar into the bottle. All three kids LOVED it.



Lesson 6: Mountains, Rivers, & Rivers of Ice/Glaciers. This was a simple lesson in that we didn’t do anything beyond reading books and watching videos. There was not any science experiment listed in the ES guide. When we do our science experiment week, I will try to find an experiment that relates to mountains, rivers, or glaciers.

*I did not care for Our World: Glaciers. The pictures were good, but the sentences were very choppy and did not flow together well.

how mountains are madebrook to ocean our world glaciers

I Want to Know: Mountains (DES+)
Let’s Talk Geography: Landforms “Mountains” (DES+)
Frozen Planet: The Ends of the Earth “Melting Ice: Power of a Glacier” (DES+)
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Rivers and Streams (YouTube)
National Parks: Alaska’s National Parks “Glacier Bay” (DES+)
Planet Earth: Mountains “Glaciers and the Formation of the Alps” (DES+)
The Life and Death of Glaciers “The Life of a Glacier” (DES+)

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