SOTW2: Ch 6 & 7

We covered both chapters last week. I didn’t think that each chapter needed a week of its own (there are other chapters coming up I feel the same way about). I think there’s only one or two chapters I plan on skipping this year. The ones covering Islam aren’t skippable in my book because it is relevant to a lot of crucial points in history.

Because we went through it quickly, we didn’t do any of the activities, though the edible oasis from the AG in Chapter 6, and the hanging snake from the AG in Chapter 7 looked like they would have been fun to do.

Chapter 6: The Rise of Islam
*I think I should have read this book with Ch 7 instead since it takes place in Baghdad.  My fault for not looking at the AG once I checked it out from the library.

enchanted storks


Chapter 7: Islam Becomes and Empire
*We read pgs 14-15, 18-19, and 22-23 of the Ancient Arab & Islamic World book. We will use this book again for later chapters in SOTW2 as well.
*I also plan on reading the Oxford One Thousand and One Arabian Nights to Bean over the next several weeks since she really enjoyed the picture books and asked to read more stories about Sinbad.

ancient arab nicola barbersinbad riordan sinbad zeman

Kid’s  Animated History With Pipo: Islam


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