GS Meeting 10/10/13 – Pottery and Tulips

Once again, both sets of girls had different things to work on. I could have wrapped the Daisies into what the Brownies were doing, but right now, I feel that it’s more important for them to work on the GS Promise and their Petals.

We did a very quick Opening Circle because I wanted to get the Daisies outside to plant tulips before we lost all of the daylight. My AL hadn’t arrived yet, so I told one of my regular moms the plan, and she took charge until my AL got there. After we said the GS Promise, the mom hustled my five Daisies out to our garden plot at the church. The tulip planting tied into their Make the World a Better Place Petal.

As stated above, the first thing the Daisies did was to plant tulips – three each – in our garden at the church. The tulips should be a mix of pink and purple, but we won’t know for sure until Spring.

Once they were finished, they went back inside to our craft room to review the Petal Board (and which Petals they will be working on first), The Curious Garden, and how that book relates to both the Flower Garden Journey and the Pink Petal.

Then they spent the rest of their time practicing the GS Promise and making a take-home craft to help them memorize it. On my sample, I wrote the Promise out with marker, but afterwards realized that six-year olds might not be able to write small enough to get all of the words on the craft stick. So I printed up the GS Promise so they could glue strips to the sticks. And of course, to make it pretty (and not a completely boring craft), rhinestones were involved.

GS promise craft

Unfortunately, some of the girls either pocketed a handful of the rhinestones, or glued them to the backs of their hands. Not terribly pleased by either fact since that lessens the amount of rhinestones we have left for other crafts. A minor thing in the whole scheme of things, but I wish that AL or one of the other parents in there with the girls had stopped them. I also didn’t think to say anything about it until after the meeting. I’ll address it at on Thursday, tying it into being Honest & Fair.

The first thing we did was to put together the GS Law puzzle again for practice. I think I will do something different at our next meeting so the girls don’t get bored.

Before we started badgework, we reviewed the requirements for the GS Ways and Potter Badges, explaining what we’ll do for each step.

FiGS Wayrst up was the GS Way. The only thing we did was to review “Princess Pat.” I didn’t have anything else planned for that badge tonight because…


PotterWe started the Potter Badge, which took up the bulk of our meeting time. The girls completed Steps 3 (make a pinch, coil, or slab pot)  and 4 (make a pinch sculpture or beads). They had a lot of fun making the pots and ornaments and didn’t want to finish. One girl ran out of time, and when we tried to peel her creation off the table, it was destroyed. I let her take some extra clay home so she could redo it since she spent a decent amount of time making it.

For Step 3, the girls did both pinch and coil pots. Some of them got the hang of it better than others, but all did a good job. For Step 4 a few of the girls made beads, but most focused their energies on sculptures. I’m looking forward to see how they paint them.


When the girls got back together at the end of the meeting, we practiced “Princess Pat” one more time. Then I went over upcoming events, and we did Closing Circle.

Throughout the meeting, I asked girls what they wanted to do for their Fall Overnight. I waited too long for reserve the lodge at our local GS camp, so we’ll either do a zoo or a science museum overnight. The zoo has 7 votes to the science museum’s 4. Two girls weren’t there, so I don’t know which one they’ll vote for. Regardless, it looks like the zoo wins. We’ll revisit it at our next meeting.


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