ES Earth Science: Lessons 7, 8, & 9

Lesson 7: Seashore, Seas/Oceans, & Under the Sea. We ended up not doing a lot with this chapter. The books I had initially checked out turned out to be duds when I reviewed them again. I requested a new  batch of books, but we didn’t end up reading them. I did list them below for others.

BBC’s Planet Earth is a good series for this and the following lesson. The last time we watched them, Bean was 3 years old (those and Nature on PBS were our entertainment during a deployment). I’m hoping that we can watch them as a family over the coming weeks.


usborne seashore usborne under the sea

Other Books
*We did not read these books, but I did flip through them. Most of them came too late to be of use, and I didn’t have the energy to backtrack.
Coral Reefs
The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor
Beachcombing: Exploring the Seashore
Exploring the Deep, Dark Sea
Did You Ever Wonder about Things You Find at the Beach?

*DES+ had multiple videos we could have watched in addition to the ones below, but we didn’t get around to them.
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Ocean Life (iPad)
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Ocean Exploration (YouTube)
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Oceanography (YouTube)
Eyewitness Ocean (library)
Eyewitness Seashore (library)


Lesson 8: Deserts, Grassy Plains, Rainforests, & Icy Worlds.

**We only did the first part of this lesson because I felt it was too much in the physical geography realm, and not enough in the geology/earth science realm.  It is out of tone with the rest of the curriculum.  I know the the curriculum is following what’s laid out in Usborne’s My First Encyclopedia of Our World, but not every section works with Earth Science. There are other lessons we are going to skip for this reason – a lesson on cities and towns has little to no relevance to Earth Science or Geology.


deserts gibbons

Other Books
Why Oh Why are Deserts Dry? (Cat in the Hat Learning)

DK Eyewitness Deserts (library)
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Deserts (iPad)


Lesson 9: Under the Ground, Caves/Caverns, & Rocks/Fossils.  I truncated this lesson as well. Mainly because we’re going to cover rocks and fossils in the next section of Earth Science.  Next week we’re going to focus on doing the science experiments we haven’t completed yet.


caves zappa under the ground butler under the ground milbourne

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Caves (YouTube)
National Parks: Caves of the National Parks: The Wonder Beneath (DES+)


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