Girl Scouts: Pottery and Applesauce

Tonight was busy and hectic and we went past the end our meeting time (and no parent complained about that, which was nice). Both levels made applesauce, and when they weren’t doing that, the girls worked on Petals and Badges respectively.

(I just realized that we never did the GS Promise during our Opening Circle!)

flower garden(I’m doing this as part of the Flower Garden Journey). The Daisies were first up for making applesauce. They rinsed the apples, then took turns quartering them (I have a set of nylon knives meant for children). One of the moms put the apple quarters in a pot to soften for about 10-15 minutes. Once the apples were ready, the girls took turns feeding the quarters into a mill and cranking the handle to push the apples through. — My mother-in-law loaned me an amazing processing mill (looks like the one I linked, though hers is a different brand) several years ago. It makes canning so much easier when you don’t have to core and peel bushels of apples for applesauce.

Much fun was had by the girls, and they didn’t act silly when dealing with the mill. The apples are hot and if one is too enthusiastic mashing them into the feeder, it can burp up hot liquid onto nearby body parts.

We ladled the applesauce into small tupperware containers for the girls to take home. Each girl got somewhere around 1-2 cups of sauce.

mariWhile they were waiting for the apples to soften, the Daisies started working on the Orange Petal – Responsible For What I Say and Do. AL did the crumpled-paper-you-can’t-take-back-hurtful-words-even-when-you-apologize thing. She also discussed with them what the Petal means.

PotterWhile the Daisies were making applesauce, the Brownies completed Step 5 of the Potter Badge. Yes this step is about glazing, but given that we do not have access to a kiln, we won’t ever glaze any of the pieces the girls made at our last meeting. Instead the girls painted them. I will spray the bowls, etc… with a sealant once they’re completely dry. (I’ll have to do some similar modifications with the other two steps since going out and finding a potter or pottery classes isn’t always the easiest or practical thing.)


Once the girls were finished painting, we went upstairs to the kitchen to make applesauce. Things pretty much progressed the same as with the Daisies. In their downtime, however, the Brownies wrote Thank You notes to the farmer we visited on Sunday.


Our first November meeting will be at the rock climbing center the girls went to last year. Our second November meeting will be our Investiture and Rededication Ceremony.

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