Weekly Recap 10/27/13

We did get almost all of school completed this week, but it was stressful. I have a literature review due in two weeks (in addition to normal school work and GS), so I was a bit short-tempered and frazzled. And sick. Let’s not forget being sick again. Yay!

Math – We completed lessons 10-12 in RS C. Lesson 12 was a review, so I decided it would be a good stopping point to flip back over to MM2A. Bean has issues with MM (I think it might be the fact that it’s worksheet-based and not “fun”). I’m the mean mom who makes her do it because it is a good program, and well…the majority of math programs are worksheet-based, so suck it up, kiddo.

We started Chapter 3, addition and subtraction facts within 0-18. We only did the first two lessons this week, but both cover topics we just did in RS. Nothing new was learned, but there were still pouty fits because it’s not RS.

Reading – Bean only read three days this week.
Ivy + Bean: What’s the Big Idea?
Magic School Bus Weathers the Storm

Current Read Aloud
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Dorrie and the Amazing Magic Elixir*
Dorrie and the Wizard’s Spell*

*We read the Dorrie books at bedtime at Bean’s request. These books are favorites of mine from when I was in 2nd grade – to the point that I dressed up as Dorrie for Halloween that year.

ETC – Lesson 6 completed. This  week focused on vowel digraph syllables.

FLL – Lessons 17-21.  Topics covered were titles of respect and contractions. One lesson was a picture narration.

WWE – We completed Week 6, with poetry selections from Robert Louis Stevenson and Edward Lear.

History – We finished Chapter 9: East of China and did the first part of Chapter 10: The Bottom of the World (Australia/Aborigines). We read/watched several Aboriginal stories, which Bean enjoyed.

Science – We did a truncated version of Lessons 8 and 9. Lesson 8 focused on biomes, which don’t really belong in Earth Science. Yes, everything is connected, but the focus for this year is Earth Science, not Biology.  We did the first portion of Lesson 8 before I threw my hands up and was done with it. This is one of those times I wish my dad was still around – he was a geologist, and I would have loved to have had his input on this.

For Lesson 9, we only did the first part – caves and caverns – because the second part is a segue into the rocks/fossils portion of Earth Science and didn’t see a need to touch on it when we’re studying it in-depth shortly.

Spanish – this week marked our return to Song School  Spanish. Admittedly, we only did it one day this week, but it’s back on the schedule. We left off at Lesson 25 in June. However, because of the time gap, we’re starting over again at the beginning. We won’t spend as much time on the first 24 lessons, but I do want to review them.


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