Juliette Gordon Low SWAP

Last Friday, my SU had its annual PJ Party.  In the past we’ve used it as our cookie kick-off, but because our Council moved our cookie sales from Oct-Dec to Jan-Mar, we focused instead on Juliette Gordon Low.

What We Did:
*I read Here Comes the Girl Scouts


*We also made SWAPS. If you can find pearls with a larger opening, it would be best.  Some of the girls had trouble threading the ribbon through.

jgl swap

*The components of the SWAP are:
Pink Ribbon – JGL died of breast cancer
Pearls – she sold the pearl necklace her husband gave her for a wedding gift to start GS (this might sound sad, but the man was a philanderer and moved his mistress into their house while JGL was away on a trip – I didn’t tell the girls that part)
Photo – I found a photo of a young JGL online, and printed it out on card stock


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