October Books

While last month was slim pickings reading-wise, this month I just had to read something. Mental burn out from grad school and too many Girl Scout functions has been bad…(grad school hasn’t been that bad, so really it’s GS that’s doing me in).  I turn to manga/graphic novels when I need a brain vacation, but invariably, it will get me sucked back into reading, which means novels are on the horizon.


*I liked Cinder and Scarlet enough that I reread both immediately after finishing them. There are two more books left to be published in this quartet. Plus the author is going to write an Alice in Wonderland prequel about the Queen of Hearts (squee! <– loves AiW desperately).

sp1 sp2 sp3 sp4 sp5 sp6bleach54 bleach55 bleach56 bleach57unwritten

*The Unwritten, vol. 1 is kind of like Harry Potter for adults (with literary references thrown in).

mr lemoncello

*Mr. Lemoncello is definitely geared toward 10 and up (Bean didn’t get a lot of the references), but she still enjoyed it. The author throws a lot of literary references in that even some 10-12 year olds might not get. I am tempted to read it again at some point to see how many of those references I can find.

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