SOTW2: Ch 10 & 11

Chapter 10: The Bottom of the World. Though we broke this chapter up into two sections, we didn’t do anything extra beyond read books and watch videos. One of the things I like about SOTW in general is that it does include areas and cultures not normally included when learning about history.

*We read pages 40-41 (Aborigines) and 44-45 (Maori) of History: The Americas and the Pacific

rainbow bird tiddalickamericas and pacific connolly maori warriors

Other Books
Stories from the Billabong

Three Legends of Australian Aboriginals (DES+)
The Greedy Frog (DES+)
Ancient Lives: The Aborigines (DES+)
Ancient Lives: The Maori (DES+)
*The Ancient Lives videos are labeled for high school, but there was nothing inappropriate for a young elementary school student. Each segment was around five minutes long.


Chapter 11: Kingdom of the Franks. Another chapter where there is next to NO information out there for the younger elementary set (makes me wish I had the time to write a book about it). This chapter focused on Clovis and his accomplishments.

Pipo’s Animated History for Kids, “The Carolingians” (the first section of the first part talks about Clovis)

We didn’t do any of the activities listed, but making the cloak and broach from the AG would have been fun if I’d had the time and inclination.


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