SOTW2: Ch 12 & 13

Chapter 12: Islamic Invasion. This was a short chapter about the Islamic invasion of Spain, with not a lot of extras. This chapter took only one history session.

*I do not have the book anymore, so I can’t give page numbers…but we read the four pages relevant to Islamic Spain.

ancient arab nicola barber

Global Treasures: Alhambra (Amazon)


Chapter 13: Great Kings of France. Now we’re finally starting to get to the time period and geographic area that interests me! However, we are once again foiled by the lack of younger elementary age books on the subject. *sigh* At least I found one.

It still only took us one history session because of the lack of suitable materials, but the several of the next chapters will take at least three sessions.

*We read pages 4-7 of The World in the Time of Charlemagne.


Kid’s Animated History with Pipo, “The Carolingians”
–>The first part touches on Clovis, but spends most of the time talking about the feudal system. The second part spends a decent amount of time on Charlemagne, but also talks about cathedrals.

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