Weekly Recap For the Last 3 Weeks

The past several weeks have been beyond crazy between Girl Scouts and my paper (and of course when I get too stressed, I shut down and read to escape from everything, which really doesn’t solve anything). School suffered because of that. On the positive side, I received a 100% on that damned paper, so the stress was somewhat worth it.

Math – We completed 12 lessons in chapter 3 of MM2A. They covered math facts for 8-15.

Reading – I have been horrible about having Bean read to me. She really does not like it, so it tends to get shoved to the end, and well…it just hasn’t been getting done very consistently these past few weeks. Today was the only day she read to me, and her fluidity with words has suffered. Not to self to try not to let this happen again.
Magic School Bus Weathers the Storm
Never Girls: From the Mist

Current Read Aloud
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The Snow Queen
(Usborne Young Readers)
Magic School Bus Voyage to the Volcano
Magic School Bus Twister Trouble
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

ETC – We are finally DONE!! I had Bean do a few pages every single day so we could get through it. We’ll take a break from ETC until after Thanksgiving when we’ll start ETC7.

FLL – Bean completed lessons 22-29. Adjectives were introduced along with a review of nouns, pronouns, verbs, and contractions.

WWE – We did Weeks 7 & 8. Excerpts came from Ginger Pye and The Jungle Book.

Science – well…for the first two of the last three weeks, we did no science at all. Bean and DH did some science experiments, but that was it. This week, we moved on to rocks. We did part of Lesson 10 in Elemental Science, but that’s more because I am modifying this section a bit from how she has it laid out.

History – In list form, we did:
*The second half of Chapter 10: The Bottom of the World
*Chapter 11: Kingdom of the Franks
*Chapter 12: The Islamic Invasion
*Chapter 13: Great Kings of France
(We were supposed to do Chapter 14: Arrival of the Norsemen this week, but no history was done…)

Spanish – another casualty of The Grad Paper. We finished up Lesson 1, but nothing else out of SSS. Bean watched some Spanish language lesson videos on DES+.

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