Brownies 11/21/13

Tonight was our first meeting as only a Brownie troop. And it was surprisingly the least stressful meeting I have ever had. Sitting in my car afterward,  I didn’t feel need to cry or drink a box of wine.  I didn’t wonder why on Earth I thought this was a good idea. The meeting was fun. The girls (generally) listened. I didn’t have to plan two levels worth of things to do. It was great.

Two girls joined our troop, so that puts us at 10 girls. We might pick up one or two more girls, but I’m happy with where we’re at.

Opening Circle
After we did the GS Promise, the girls assembled the GS Law puzzle (we’re going to do a take home craft at our next meeting for this instead of the puzzle). Then we took care of two pieces of business – which Journey to do (Wonders of Water won out, so I need to finish outlining it) and to think of things to put in a care package for deployed troops (one of the guys in DH’s shop is deployed, so I emailed him to ask what everyone over there would like).


GS WayWe mostly finished up the Girl Scout Way Badge tonight. We continued with Step 1 (singing “Princess Pat”). We started Step 3 by making a troop mural. Tonight the girls did handprints and wrote their name under it. At our next meeting, we’ll add to it by having them add a picture of something they like to do (read, play hockey, etc…). At our Christmas Party meeting, the girls will finish their mural by adding which line of the GS Law they like the best. We also did Step 5 when we did our Investiture/Rededication Ceremony – I read the Brownie Elf Story.

Step 4 is homework. I figured with Thanksgiving around the corner, the girls will have ample opportunity to “leave a place better than they found it”.  Step 2 was also completed by most of the girls at our SU’s pajama party last month. I’ll have to figure out how the rest of the girls can meet that requirement at home.


PotterWe did complete the Potter Badge. Steps 1 and 2 were taken care of by watching a video. It wasn’t really practical for us to go to a studio (though for others, it might be worth checking with a local community college to see if they might do a tour). I found a video on an educational streaming service I use for school with Bean. YouTube might also be a good place to check for possible videos.

While I think ceremonies are important, I also don’t want to do anything too fancy at this age. Short-ish and simple for now. I read the Brownie Elf Story (from the Girl’s Guide Book) and then we did the simple version of the Brownie Pond.

Once the ceremony was over, we did Closing Circle. All in all, a very successful meeting. I’m looking forward to the next one.


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