Weekly Recap 11/24/13

Math – We finished chapter 3 in MM2A. Bean got a 92% on the chapter test. She knows more than she think she does. Instead of thinking through it, she shuts down and pouts. We’ll switch back to RS C after Thanksgiving.

Reading – Last year, Bean read for 15 minutes, but we’ve dropped it down to 10 minutes. There’s less whining involved which means reading is more likely to get done.
Never Girls: From the Mist

Current Read Aloud
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

ETC – Bean wanted to get started on ETC 7, so we did the first lesson, which covered the soft “c”.

FLL –  Lesson 30-35 completed. Adjectives were reviewed, and both conjunctions and interjections were introduced. We skipped Lesson 31 because it’s not a poem I have any interest in Bean memorizing.

WWE – Week 9 completed. Excerpts from Pippi Longstocking, the next book on our reading list.

History – We started Chapter 14: Arrival of the Norsemen. I broke this chapter into three sessions, but we only did one this past week.

Science – We finished Lesson 10 (rocks, rock cycle, igneous rocks) and started Lesson 11 (sedimentary and metamorphic rocks). I’ve fudged both lessons a bit from how they’re written. Bean and DH did several experiments. Two of which will take several weeks before they’re finished.


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