Brownie Badge: Potter



*It would be worth seeing if your local (community) college’s art department would be willing to do something with your troop for this badge. While there are potter’s studios around, sometimes the cost or space limitations might put it out of your troop’s reach – that’s what happened with my troop.

1. Find some pottery
—> Look in books, magazines, or online for clay things. This was included in the video we watched since at the end, they did gallery views of the pieces the potter made.

2. Get to know clay
—> Visit a potter’s studio. I fudged this one a bit by having the girls watch a video that showcased a potter and her studio.

3. Make a simple pot
—> Make a pinch pot. Make a coil pot. We did two choices for this step because neither take terribly long. We did use up most of a meeting with this step and Step 4.


4. Make an art piece
—> Make a pinch or slab sculpture. The girls chose which option they wanted to do.
—> Make beads or jewelry.

5. Paint and glaze!
*We talked about glazes, but because we didn’t do this at a potter’s studio, glazing was out of the question. Instead the girls painted the pieces and I sprayed a sealant over them.


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