ES Earth Science: Lessons 10 & 11

**A note that I am modifying the section on rocks/fossils from how it is listed in Elemental Science. I will mostly follow the lessons, but I will also add things (like minerals, gems, and soil) or get rid of things (like…).

Lesson 10: Rocks and Igneous Rocks. I broke this down into three sessions. The first two covered rocks in general and the rock cycle. The third covered igneous rocks.

In the spine, Discover Science: Rocks and Fossils, we read pgs 6-7 for rocks, and pgs 8-11 for igneous rocks (the guide has pgs 10-11 with lesson 11, but the topic relates to igneous rocks).

let's go rock collecting rocks richardsonrock factory msb inside earth julie rockhound igneous rocks aloianbig rock

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Rocks and Soil (YouTube)
Geologist’s Notebook: Three Rocks (DES+)
Rocks: The Solid Earth Materials: Part 1 (DES+)

Bean and DH did several experiments for this section:

What Are Igneous Rocks
*”Just Like Glass”, pg 15, how obsidian/small crystalled igneous rocks form.
*”Hard to Handle”, pg 19, making pillow basalt.

Experiments on Rocks and the Rock Cycle.
*”Glaciers Shape Earth”, pgs 8-9, how glaciers move rocks.


Lesson 11:  Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks. This lesson has definite modifications. Technically I’m doing the second half of lesson 11 (because the first half tied into igneous rocks) and the first half of lesson 12 (because erosion should be a lesson to itself).


sed rocks meta rocks

Rocks and Minerals: The Hard Facts: Rocks: Sedimentary Rock (DES+)
Rocks and Minerals: The Hard Facts: Rocks: Metamorphic Rock (DES+)
TEAMS: Earth Processes: Rocks and Soils: Rock Detectives: Igneous or Sedimentary? (DES+)
TEAMS: Earth Processes: Rocks and Soils: Metamorphic Rock, Fossils, and Summarizing the Classifications (DES+)

Bean and DH did two experiments for sedimentary rocks, though both will take several weeks because of evaporation.  I’m curious to see how the sedimentary rock turns out.

They didn’t do any activities for metamorphic rock.

What Are Sedimentary Rocks?
*”Make Your Own Rock”, pg 5, make your own sedimentary rock.
*”High and Dry”, pg 16, make rock salt (evaporation).

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