November Books

I have to admit that this was an escapist month so there’s going to be a lot on here. Instead of working on my paper and whatnot, I got sucked into multiple manga series. It’s a bad thing that so many of them can be found online. So some of the manga I checked out from my library, but most of it I read on the computer.

lady of resourcescurtsiesshadows

*Even though we’re not one with it, I did want to include that we’ve read half of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

charliesnow queenC368_SCH_MSB15_VOLCANO_0.tifmsb twister

*I ended up buying the available volumes of Happy Marriage?!.  It is definitely an adult soap opera drama romance of the taming-the-asshole variety, but there were multiple parts that had me bawling, so…I read it a second time through as well, though I would prefer to read it in a paper format.

*I need to get my hands on the rest of The Unwritten. I love how various literary references are important to the plot.

*I read the entirety of what’s offered online for the manga series Girl the Wild’s. It doesn’t look like it’s published in paper format. I wish it was because I like the way the martial arts/boxing are illustrated.

*I also read the first 18 chapters of Orange Marmalade (another online manga).

unwritten 2 unwritten 3 unwritten 4 unwritten 5
alice hearts 1 alice hearts 2 alice hearts 3
pandora hearts 1 pandora hearts 2 pandora hearts 3ph 4
bb 1 bb 2 bb 3 bb 4 bb 5 bb 6 bb 7 bb 8 bb 9 bb 10 bb 11 bb 12 bb 13 bb 14 bb 15
hm 1 hm 2 hm 3 hm 4 hm 5 hm 6 hm 7
ms 1ms 2 ms 3 ms 4 ms 5 ms 6 ms 7
dls 1 dls 2 dls 3 dls 4
blue exorcist 1 blue exorcist 2 blue exorcist 3 blue exorist 4 blue exorist 5 blue exorist 6 blue exorist 7 blue exorcist 8 blue exorcist 9blue exorcist 10
dawn arcana 9 dawn arcana 10 dawn arcana 11
private prince 1 private prince 2 private prince 3 private prince 4 private prince 5
vampire knight 1 vampire knight 2vampire knight 3


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