Brownies 12/5/13

Last night’s meeting was heavy on the crafts and the songs. I feel like this is the first meeting where it’s been like this. The girls had fun, and not every meeting in the future will be like this.

First up, we did a GS Law craft. My AL assembled a sample and prepped everything thing (for which I am eternally grateful to her for). The craft took up most of our meeting time, but it ties into our troop mural for the GS Way Badge.

gs law craft

GS WayFor the GS Way Badge, the girls talked about what they did over Thanksgiving for Step 4 (leave a place cleaner when you leave than when you found it). Most of the girls did it – like cleaning their living room, bedroom, or helping with dishes. We also added to our troop mural (Step 3). The girls brought in or drew pictures of things they like to do and then glued the pictures next to their handprint.  There was a wide variety of interests: reading, hockey, swimming, dance, baking, math… We will finish the mural at our next meeting. The girls will add their favorite line of the GS Law.

We finished out the meeting by learning/re-learning two GS Songs: “The Brownie Smile Song” and “Ram Sam Sam”.


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