SOTW2: Ch 14 & 15

Chapter 14: The Arrival of the Norsemen. I split this chapter into three sections/days based on how it is formatted in SOTW2. There is enough information for each section that it would be a shame to combine them. So…

Day1: Intro to Vikings
Day 2: Erik the Red and Leif Erikson
Day 3: Norse Gods

Day 1. We did an overview of Vikings, reading the first two listed books. Bean also watched the first two listed videos.
Day 2. I had planned on reading shortish biographies on both Erik the Red and Leif Erikson, but ended up skipping them. We read the 3rd and 4th listed books, and Bean watched Horrible Histories and Exploring the World. She didn’t particularly care for the content of the latter video (it was geared towards older students), but she liked the pictures.
Day 3. There were no videos planned for this section, only reading.

*We read the  section on Vikings in Barbarians by Steven Kroll.

barbarians kroll good times vikings norse NAviking explore norse gods odin's family stolen thunder

Other Books
The Vikings (Dig It: History from Objects)
Vikings (Flashback History)

Kid’s Animated History with Pipo, Disc 1 “Celts & Vikings” Part 2
Time Warp Trio: Viking It and Liking It (DES+)
Horrible Histories: Vicious Vikings (DES+)
Exploring the World: The Viking Explorers (DES+)


Chapter 15: First Kings of England. There really wasn’t a lot out there for this chapter for younger kids (that I could find). I did find a decent book on Alfred the Great (th0ugh the illustrations were not to my taste). And a thank you to all of the people on YouTube who’ve downloaded Horrible Histories for our viewing pleasure.



Horrible Histories: Smashing Saxons: Anglo-Saxon Ordeals (YouTube)
Horrible Histories: Smashing Saxons: The Anglo-Saxon Report (YouTube)
Horrible Histories: Measly Middle Ages: Battle at Hastings, News at 1066AD (YouTube)
Horrible Histories: Measly Middle Ages: William the Conqueror (YouTube)


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