Weekly Recap 12/8/13

Math – We did 4 RS C lessons. The focus was on learning roman numerals. Bean picked them up very quickly.

Never Girls: From the Mist

Current Read Aloud
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

ETC – Bean completed Lesson 2 (soft “g”) and started Lesson 3 (-dge endings).

FLL -Bean completed Lessons 36-40, which covered writing/addressing thank-you letters, a story narration of “The Little Red Hen”, and starting a new poem to memorize, “The Little Bird” (Mother Goose rhyme).

WWE – We completed Week 10,  with excerpts from Nurse Matilda.

History – We completed the 3rd section in Chapter 14: Arrival of the Norsemen, and completed Chapter 15: First Kings of England, and started Chapter 16: England After the Conquest (the section on the history of the English language).

Science – We did half of lesson 12, the section on erosion.

Art – We did Meet the Masters: Matisse.

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