Weekly Recap 12/15/13

The highlight of our week was a trip to the Buffalo Science Museum. A post about that is forthcoming because there was too much to put in a blurb here.

Math – We only did three lessons in RS C (Lessons 17-19), but I broke one of those lessons into two days (it was a review lesson, and I had Bean do ALL of the review sheets). She really is good at math, but she kicks up such a fuss when I make her write out answers that you wouldn’t know it. This has always been a problem.

Never Girls: From the Mist

Current Read Aloud
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Pippi Longstocking

ETC – Bean finished Lesson 3 (-dge endings), and started Lesson 4, which is a review.

FLL – Lessons 41-46 completed. Topics covered (some review): quotation marks, adjectives, titles of respect, four types of sentences, parts of speech, and conjunctions. There was also one story narration (“Three Billy Goats Gruff”), and one picture narration (a scene from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).

WWE – We completed Week 11, with excerpts from 101 Dalmatians. We have been modifying WWE a bit over the past several weeks because of Bean’s issue with dictation. She’s getting a bit of it in FLL, so cutting a little bit of it out of WWE isn’t a big deal. Two sections of each week are dictation. For the second of those sections (Day 4), we skip it. She does the narration portion, but that is all. WWE lessons have been going much smoother since I started doing this.

History – We completed Chapter 16: England After the Conquest. The last two sections covered serfs/nobles and castles.

Science – We finished Lesson 12: Erosion & Soil, and started Lesson 13: Minerals & Gemstones. (These lessons do not correspond to Elemental Science’s curriculum.)

We also did experiments from two box kits I bought at the science museum.  We had to start them the same day we got them because Bean was revving to go. She did the crystal growing kit with DH (ties into our minerals/gemstones lesson) that evening. Crystals were noticeable by the next morning when we checked on it. Unfortunately, we will never know how big they would have gotten because Bean scraped them off a day later in the name of science experiments.

The second kit I bought was the Magic School Bus: Dive into Slime, Gel, and Goop kit. Of the multiple MSB kits we’ve done, this is one of the best (the other one being the germs kit, with the human body following behind).  I ended up buying more insta-snow and jelly marbles to use at our GS meeting this coming week.

Spanish – We completed Lesson 2 in Song School Spanish.

Handwriting – Bean started D’Nealian Handwriting Book 2. The first section is a review of print (which Bean needs) and then it moves on to cursive (her cursive is much better than her print, though lately she prefers printing). I have handwriting officially set for 3x per week, but we ended up doing it every day. She only does two pages, so it makes sense to do it more frequently.



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