Science Museum Visit

During my mother’s visit we went to the Buffalo Science Museum. Even though we’re members, we haven’t been in over a year because, well…quite frankly, it was in need of some updating. We timed our visit towards the end of their opening overs (we got there at 2:30, they close at 4:00) so it would be easy to pull the kids away if my mom and I were excessively bored. Plus, at that time of day, the museum is essentially dead and we don’t have to share any of the exhibits with anyone.

The kids and I were thrown for a loop with the exhibits.  I know they had been doing some remodeling (yay!), but didn’t realize just how awesome it was going to be. All five of us were disappointed at closing time – except for Bean because I bought her two science experiment kits at the gift shop (a crystal growing kit and The Magic School Bus: Slime, Gel, and Goop). We spent all of our time in three exhibits: Our Marvelous Earth, Bug Works, and In Motion.

Our Marvelous Earth
It was love at first really huge interactive globe. A screen menu lets you choose different versions of a globe, from a jack o’lantern, to Medieval maps, to where earthquakes happen. I could have spent a decent chunk of time there if I didn’t have three kids with me.

Sorry for the blurriness!

Sorry for the blurriness!

The second exhibit visited was a do-it-yourself weather broadcast. You could choose your weather pattern and then record a news forecast of it to email to yourself. The kids loved this, even if they didn’t really get the hang of moving in sync with the images.

Next up was an earthquake simulator. Much loud fun was had by all constructing houses and then choosing how violent an earthquake would shake the dickens out of it.


Waiting for the walls to come tumbling down.

The erosion table was also popular with the masses.


Bug Works
Our second stop was Bug Works – completely reworked and in a different location from the last time we visited. Once again, it was a hit with the kids. Building your own bug was second to taking silly photos of yourself with either a dung beetle, praying mantis, or spider. Said photos could then be emailed to others. We didn’t spend a lot of time here since it was creeping closer towards the museum’s closing time and I wanted to see In Motion before we left.


In Motion
The final exhibit room we visited was In Motion.  My un-nicknamed son and I spent most of the 30 minutes we left had building cars and racing them down an inclined track. He was beyond excited to play with it, to the amusement of the lone employee hanging out in that room. My girls meanwhile, spent most of their time building pipes to shoot balls out of.

There were other exhibits I want to play with the next time we go to the museum – a screen that records the moves you make and a wall of pneumatic tubes that you can shift (to see how long you can keep the ball moving).



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