ES Earth Science: Lessons 12 & 13

Lesson 12: Erosion & Soil. Because I have waited too long to write out this lesson (we finished it two weeks ago), I can’t remember a lot of what we did. I know I wish we had done more experiment-wise, but we didn’t. This is a common theme.


erosion bailey erosion rileystudying soil walker

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Erosion (YouTube)
Geologist’s Notebook: How to Make a Mud Pie (DES+)
Getting to Know: Soil: Soil Properties and Types (DES+)

We did one activity for this chapter: a demonstration of erosion using refried beans (that had been opened, in the fridge for too long). It was perfect because both large chunks and “sediment” eroded off the pile of beans when water was poured on it.

And though I wanted to do experiments from Junior Scientists: Experiments with Soil, we didn’t get around to it. Hopefully we’ll do it the next time around.


Lesson 13: Minerals & Gems. We took three sessions for this lesson since I added a mini-lesson about salt. Bean had a lot of fun with this lesson’s experiment. She also had coniptions about how big the gypsum crystals were in the video clip we watched called “Cave of Crystals.”


minerals rocks allensaltgroovy gems

Geologist’s Notebook: What exactly are minerals? (DES+)
Science Investigations: Earth Science: Investigating Earth’s Formations: Precious Minerals (DES+)
TLC Elementary: Geological Processes: How to Identify Minerals (DES+)
Earth Science: Rocks and Minerals: Gold (DES+)
Earth Science: Rocks and Minerals: Jade (DES+)
I Want to Know: Salt (DES+)
How Earth Made Us: Deep Earth: Cave of Crystals (DES+)

DH and Bean made geodes (experiment from Groovy Gems, though easily found online). It will take a good several days for the process to be completed (essentially evaporating salt water), so I’ll add pictures to this as I take them.


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