SOTW2 Ch 16 & 17

Chapter 16: After the Normans. This was a busy chapter in that multiple subjects were covered. I would have liked to have done more (as I always do, but yet never actually do). I would have liked to have read Castle Diary and The Castle in the Attic.

3 sections:
1. English Language
2. Serfs and Noblemen
3. Castles

1. English Language – Read SOTW section and watched several Horrible Histories video segments (each less than a minute long) that acted out words English has taken from several other languages. I did children’s book about the history of English (The Journey of English), but it was more detailed than I wanted.

2. Serfs and Noblemen – Again we read the SOTW section, as well as The Duke and the Peasant. Adventures in the Middle Ages and the two picture books about Saint George. Bean watched two videos, but I think they’re more suited towards slightly older children

3. Castles – Bean enjoyed this section, in part because we read a You Wouldn’t Want to… book. If I’d been more on the ball, we would have built our own castle.


ywwtl medival castleduke peasant 217886SCH_MedievalCastle_JKT_0.tif middle ages medieval feastst george reluctant dragon

Horrible Histories, “Words We Get From…”: Greek, Saxon, Viking, Norman (YouTube)
Life in the Middle Ages, “The Serf” (library)
Life in the Middle Ages, “The Noble” (library)
Elementary Video Adventures: Times Medieval: Castles (DES+)


Chapter 17: Knights and Samurai. This was another chapter we didn’t do a lot with. It took us a while to go through it because of the holidays. Maybe next time around we can make our own Coats of Arms.


ywwtb med knightknights daly-weirsamurai3 samurai cats

Elementary Video Adventures: Times Medieval: Armor (DES+)
Horrible Histories: Measly Middle Ages (DES+)
Horrible Histories: Surprising Samurai (DES+)
Time Warp Trio: Sam Samurai (DE+)

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