Brownies 1/9/14

This past Thursday was our first meeting of the new year. Most of my planning was last minute (even though I had several weeks) because once my semester was done, I pretty much turned my brain off. Cookie sales started today, so we dedicated part of our time to that. At the rest of our meetings we’ll take time out to practice doing booths.

We worked on two retired Try-Its – Colors & Shapes and Movers. We did three of four steps for C & S at our Christmas party meeting (color wheel, stamping, and decorating ornaments), so I wanted to get it finished and out of the way. We also started Movers, doing two out of four steps. *Just a note, I have a horde of retired Try-Its that I have been building since I found out they were being retired.

movers try itWe started with Movers, doing two projects from it: paper helicopters and gliders.  The girls had a some trouble making the helicopters (glad I had extra paper), but they loved watching them spin. They also loved going into the hallway to throw their gliders.

We’ll finish this badge up at our next meeting by making pinwheels and balloon/paper bag rockets.

c&s try itFor Colors & Shapes, the girls made a woven place mat from construction paper (which surprisingly, only one of my girls has ever done before). I will laminate them and then give them back.

Our meeting ended with a rare snack-time. I received some Thin Mints and Cranberry Citrus Crisps (surprisingly not bad) at my cookie training and wanted to share them with the girls. I made each of them take a bit of the Crisps – when they sell, people will ask them what the new cookie tastes like, and I want them to know. Most of the girls liked it, a couple of the girls didn’t. But at least they can tell buyers what they thought of the taste.

We also went over some cookie basics – types, costs, basic selling etiquette… I don’t know how I am going to survive cookie season. Grad school starts up again in a few weeks, and my husband will be out of town for two of the four weeks we have booth sales.

Other things on the horizon are planning an overnight at the church so we can start the Wonders of Water Journey, and I’m planning a Journey in a Day workshop with my Membership Manager for the Daisy 3 Cheers! Journey – we’ll be doing that on the 20th.


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