ES Earth Science: Lessons 14 & 15

Lesson 14: Uses of Rocks/Minerals & (Non)Renewable Resources. This and Lesson 15 conclude my revamping of this portion of Elemental Science’s Earth Science curriculum. This lesson focused on the uses/resources aspect of rocks. It also happened to be one of the few lessons where Bean did an activity. Next time around, I’ll hopefully have a more concrete idea of how I want to do this. I felt like I winged a lot of it.


how we use rock oxladegasolinefossil fuels storadenergy future orme

Uses of Rocks and Minerals (DES+)
Power Up: Energy in Our Environment
Learning About Natural Resources (DES+)

DH took Bean outside to give her a pollution demonstration. He poured a bit of gasoline into a bucket and lit the fumes on fire so she could see what the smoke, etc… looked like.


Lesson 15: Fossils. We covered fossils (somewhat) when we did prehistory the summer before first  grade. Surprisingly, Bean still remembers relevant details. This lesson marked our return to using Discover Science: Rocks and Fossils. We read pages 28-37 and pages 40-41.

Bean brought out her collection of fossils she collected during a field trip so she could look at and compare them.  I love that this girl digs science.


fossils aliki true book fossils
barnums bones big old bones

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Fossils (library)
The Living Earth: Fossils: Prehistoric Clues (DES+)
TLC Elementary School: Prehistoric Earth: Dinosaurs and Fossils (DES+)
Real World Science: Fossils and Dinosaurs (DES+)

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