Brownie Badge: Girl Scout Way

GS WayGirl Scout Way

1. Sing everywhere
—> Learn a new singing game, an action song,  and a hand-clapping song. I taught the girls “Princess Pat”, “Ram Sam Sam” (both action songs), and “The Brownie Smile Song.”

2. Celebrate Juliette Low’s birthday
—> We did our own thing for this section at our SU’s pajama party. Here is the post that goes over the JGL portion of it. For the girls who were not at the party, they will need to do this step outside of our meeting time. I sent an email to the parents with the option to read the book I used at the party, or to watch a video about JGL on National’s website.

3. Share sisterhood
—> Make a team mural, collage, flag or other artwork. The girls made a troop mural. We did it over several meetings. Handprints and names were first, then they added a picture of a hobby or something they like to do, and finally they each chose a line of the GS Law they liked the best to add. (I don’t have a photo of our finished mural.)


4. Leave a place better than you found it
—> A better room or home. This step is our homework step. Because of Thanksgiving, it was easy for the girls to tie it into getting things ready for the holiday.

5. Enjoy Girl Scout traditions
—> Read the Brownie Story from an old Girl Scout handbook. We read the Brownie Elf story as part of our Investiture/Rededication Ceremony.
—> As an extra, we’re going to make sit-upons at one of our upcoming meetings.


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