Month Recap 1/19/14

This recap is for the past five weeks. I have pretty much slacked off on doing anything other than school with Bean and reading manga.

Math – We finished up the first 24 lessons in RS C, then moved back to Math Mammoth 2A (we did 13 out of 16 lessons of Chapter 4: Addition and Subtraction with 2-digit numbers). It has been a real pain to get her to do math because she abhors worksheets. She generally only does around half of the problems. To try to combat this, I’ve bought Singapore’s Challenging Word Problems, grades 1 and 2 (since she loves word problems), and Beast Academy 3A. This is a smidge beyond what we’ve covered to date, but she likes graphic novels, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Reading (School)
Never Girls: From the Mist
Sophie and the Shadow Woods: The Swamp Boggles

Reading (Free)
Happy, Happy Clover, vol 1
Happy, Happy Clover, vol 2

Current Read Aloud
Pippi Longstocking
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Classic Starts: Robin Hood

ETC – Bean has completed through lesson 8 (-mb, kn, wr, and silent t). At the end of each lesson is a short story with questions. For the past three lessons, she has been doing them entirely on her own. This is a big step for her since she likes to have me write answers down for her.

FLL – We’ve completed Lessons 47-62. Topics included adverbs, writing/addressing postcards, reviews of previous topics, articles, and prepositions.  In lieu of skipping the Day 4 dictation of WWE, Bean does do dictations as we come across them in FLL. I try to choose the shortest of the offered sentences.

WWE – We’ve done Weeks 12-15. Excerpts came from Pilgrim’s Progress, The Borrowers, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. On Day 4, we’re still only doing the narration portion of the exercise. Bean still does not like dictations, and right now it’s a not a battle worth fighting.

History – We completed chapters:
17: Knights and Samurai
18: Age of Crusades
19: A New King of King
21: Mongols Devastate the East

Science – We finally finished the Earth Science portion and began Astronomy. I’m making changes to ES for this portion, but they’re relatively minor.

Spanish – During the past month, we’ve only managed one lesson of Spanish (lesson 3). I do not know why I am having such a hard time getting this done. I think I’m going to take the book in to get the binding cut off. Maybe I can get some holes drilled too so I can keep it in a binder. It sure would make copying the necessary pages easier.

Handwriting – We completed the manuscript chapter and began on lower case cursive letters. Bean’s cursive has always been better than her print. To help her practice, I’m having her write some of her responses during other subjects in cursive (like spelling and any narrations).

Spelling – We started spelling at the beginning of the year, and have completed the first 12 days. I decided to use Sequential Spelling. I know a lot of people recommend All About Spelling, but there are just too many components for me to handle. Plus, I like that SS focuses on patterns. We’re doing four lessons per week, which seems to be going well. I try to make up silly sentences to keep Bean entertained. I also bought her the Scholastic Children’s Dictionary for the homophones sections. Some lessons have the student write sentences for various homophones (would/wood, brood/brewed).


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