Brownie Meeting 1/23/14

Tonight’s meeting was a blast! We only did two things, but the girls didn’t want things to end (possibly because balloons were involved).

movers try itThe extent of our meeting was that we finished up the retired Movers Try-It by making pinwheels and paper bag rockets. The pinwheels were successful, but the fun the girls had with them was far surpassed by the rockets. The girls decorated lunch bags, then we taped straws to one side. Taking turns, we threaded a length of nylon string through the straw, held it tight (the other end being tied to a chair), stuck a blown up balloon inside, and let it go. The balloons weren’t the greatest quality, and paper bags aren’t aerodynamic, so some of the bags didn’t go very far. The girls didn’t care. They acted like the rockets were the coolest things since sliced bread.

AL and I are going to figure out a way to make our rockets more aerodynamic, so we can do this again. Maybe making a cone from a piece of construction paper?

bag rocket



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