Weekly Recap 1/26/14

Math – Bean finished Chapter 4 in MM2A. We definitely need to work more on the concepts. She doesn’t pay attention  to the “-” or “+” signs and does what she thinks should be done. So instead of adding 24+38, she’ll subtract it. She also forgets to borrow if the ones digit for the first number in an equation is smaller than the second one. On her chapter test, she got an 83%.

Reading (School)
Magic Tree House #6: Afternoon on the Amazon
*I cleaned house last weekend, and now can’t find the Sophie book. Hopefully it turns up soon!

Reading (Free)
Happy Happy Clover, vol 2

Current Read Alouds
Time Warp Trio #16: Marco? Polo!
Classic Starts: Anne of Green Gables

ETC – Bean completed Lesson 9 and most of Lesson 10.

FLL – Bean completed Lessons 63-69

WWE – We completed Week 16, with excerpts from The Crimson Fairy Book.

History – We did Chapter 22: Exploring the Mysterious East. The topics were Marco Polo and the Forbidden City.

Science – We did two lessons in astronomy – Lesson 2: The Inner Planets, and Lesson 3: Mercury & Venus. I finally got some experiment books from the library, so hopefully we’ll be able to start doing some.

Spanish – Bean completed Lesson 4, a review of the previous three weeks.

Handwriting – Bean continued with lowercase cursive.

Spelling – Bean only did three lessons this week ( 13-15), which means she’ll have to do five next week.


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