SOTW2: Ch 21 & 22

Chapter 21: Mongols Devastate the East. The two big topics for this chapter are Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan. It’s interesting that I had no trouble finding age appropriate books about these two men than I had finding books about Richard the Lionheart (for the 2nd grade set).

*We read the (final) section of this book, which is about the Mongols.

barbarians krollfa mulan souci kubla khan krull

Time Warp Trio: You Can’t, But Genghis Khan (DES+)


Chapter 22: Exploring the Mysterious East…i.e…Marco Polo and the Forbidden City. I broke this chapter into three sections: Marco Polo, other explorers, and the Forbidden City.


ywwtb maro polotwt 16traveling man
ywwtb forbiddenZ020SchImpChinaPOB_0.tifliang demiempty potdragon prince

Horrible Histories: Marvelous Marco Polo (DES+)
Era of the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644: European Exploration (DES+)
China’s Forbidden City (DES+)
The Forbidden City (DES+)}



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