ES Astronomy: Lessons 1 & 2

**We are finally (mostly) back to following the Elemental Science curriculum. The astronomy portion is laid out better than the geology portion. I have made some modifications (such as adding in inner/outer planet overviews, and touching on dwarf planets and ex0planets).

Lesson 1: The Solar System & The Sun. We’re going to zip through this pretty quickly because of Bean’s enthusiasm. After her first lesson, she spent several hours with DH looking at star charts online. Once the weather warms up, we’ll see about going to one of the public viewings offered by the local astronomy club. We used to do that in NE, and Bean loved it even then.


0-545-38267-X planets gibbonssun vogt

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Planets (iPad)
The Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Space (own)
My Fantastic Field Trip to the Planets (own)

*Bean assembled a solar system mobile I bought a long time ago (in anticipation for this unit). DH attached it to the ceiling above her bed, and now she is as happy as a clam.


Lesson 2: The Inner Planets. This was a short, one day lesson, giving an overview of the four inner/rocky planets in our solar system.


earth inner planets

A Spin around the Solar System: Our Rocky Neighbors: The Inner Planets (DES+)


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