January Books

consider forksunshinepride prejudicecat who backwardscat who danish moderncat who turned oncat who saw redocean gaimanany duchess

*Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors. Dark, odd, quirky, and always lovely.

hp 2classic starts robin hoodtwt 16classic start anne


maid sama 1missions of lovedengeki daisy 1kyou koi wo hajimemasuhoneyxhoneydropsmonster musumehirunaka no ryuuseifaster than a kissrosario+vampireblood ladmillenium snowtotally captivatedcrimson spellbeelzebubonly serious about youultimate venus

*For the sake of not having an insanely long post, I’m only putting the image of the first volume I read in a given manga series….though typing the basics up will make a for a long post, just hopefully not quite as long.

*I read Maid Sama in its entirety. I ended up buying the first eight volumes in English (they stopped being published in English at that point). I also bought the first volume in German. Depending on how rusty my German is, I might buy the rest of the series. Who knew that three years of German in high school and two years in college would pay off by letting me read print versions of manga?
*Missions of Love / Watashi xx Shinasai!, vols 1-6
*Dengeki Daisy, vols 1-X
*Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu / 321…Liebe!, vols 1-15, entire series. I bought the German version of vol 15 since the epilogue wasn’t online. This is another series I will buy once I get a grip on reading in German.
*Honey x Honey Drops, vols 1-8, entire series.
*Monster Musume, vol 1
*Hirunaka No Ryuusei, vols 1-7 (pretty much up to the current chapter posted online).
*Faster than a Kiss, vols 1-4
*Rosario+Vampire, vols 8-10
*Blood Lad, vols 1-6
*Millenium Snow, vols 1 & 2
*Totally Captivated, vols 1-6, entire series
*Crimson Spell, vols 1-4
*Beelzebub, vols 1-9. I like the sense of humor in this one
*Only Serious About You, entire series
*Ultimate Venus, vols 1-5


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