SOTW2: Ch 23 & 24

Chapter 23 The First Russians. I could find no videos that were age appropriate that related to anything in this chapter. Consequently, we only read books. We did the bulk of this chapter in one day, with supplemental reading spread out over several days.

Adding this after the fact, I found out that our library system carries the book Peter the Great. I have no clue why I didn’t find it before. I know I searched “peter the great”, so who knows what happened.

baba yaga firebird yolen russia

Time Warp Trio: What’s So Great about Peter? (DES+)


Chapter 24: The Ottoman Empire. We also did this chapter in a day. I did not find any picture books, but I did find a few videos on DES+ for Bean to suffer through.

Gunpowder and the Explosion of World War: 1453: The Battle for Constantinople and the First Use of Gunpowder (DES+)
Suleiman, The Magnificent (DES+)
Time Warp Trio: Harem Scare’em (DES+)

Surprisingly, we actually did one of the activities out of the AG for this chapter. They have instructions for building a cannon out of two toilet paper rolls, and thought something like that was right up both DH and Bean’s alley. And I had all of the necessary supplies.  Definitely a winner.


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