Weekly Recap 2/9/14

Math – This week brought us back for another round of RS C. We completed 4 lessons. The first two introduced multiplication, and the second two were reviews of telling time.

Magic Tree House #5: Night of the Ninjas

Current Read Aloud
The Castle in the Attic
*Though admittedly, we really didn’t read much of it this week. We focused on reading new magazines Bean received in the mail.

ETC – We are finally finished with ETC7! No more for this year. We still have ETC8 left, but we’ll tackle that in third grade.

FLL – Lessons 77-86 completed.

WWE – Week 18 completed. Excerpts came from a short story about Paul Revere.

History – First half of Chapter 25: The Black Death completed.

Science –  Lesson 5: Outer Planets, Jupiter, & Saturn and Lesson 6: Uranus & Neptune completed.

Spanish – Lesson 6 (People) completed. Lesson 7 (In the Classroom) started.

Spelling – Lessons 20-24 completed.

Handwriting – Bean continued with capital cursive letters. We should be finished with this in about a week and a half.

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