Weekly Recap 2/16/14 (and some changes…)

Before I get to what we did this week school-wise, this turned out to be our last week officially homeschooling. In the past two weeks, I’ve realized that I am at my breaking point trying to juggle three kids (two of them in the toddler/preschooler age range), homeschooling, Girl Scouts, and graduate school. I have yet to figure out a way to successfully balance everything. I’ve managed to cross a line as a parent, in terms of how I treat my children, that I never wanted to cross. It’s not right for them to suffer because of my limitations.

We found a very small private school close by. We took a tour, then two days later Bean shadowed. The following day I enrolled her. She starts next week (well…technically this week since I’m getting this out late). Both DH and I love what we see so far, and everyone has been incredibly friendly and helpful. Bean is excited as well. It won’t be too hard of a transition for her since aspects of their curriculum are similar to the ones we use at home.

Now we enter the realm of afterschooling. Bean still has to read aloud to me every day.  We’re still going to do math (alternating RS C and MM 2B), history, and science (the school doesn’t have a structured program for either; they take their themes from a monthly magazine). It was a point positive for the school that Bean’s teacher encouraged me to keep teaching her at home. And there will be next to no conflict with homework since it should take Bean less than 30 minutes to complete what is sent home.

Math – We did Lessons 30-33 in RS C. The topics covered were time and 4-digit addition.

Reading (School)
Magic Tree House #5: Night of the Ninjas

Reading (Free)
Swans In Space, vol 1

Current Read Aloud
Classic Starts: Journey to the Center of the Earth
(Castle in the Attic is on hold at the moment)

FLL – We did a few lessons and started memorizing another poem (we’ll keep doing the poem memorization), but once we knew Bean would start school next week, we dropped it.

WWE – Because of the change, we dumped WWE. While it might be a good program, Bean has fought it pretty much since the beginning.  Little does she know that they make the kids to dictation every day…

History – We completed Lesson 25: The Black Death and started Lesson 26: France and England at War.

Science – We did Lesson 7: Pluto, Dwarf Planets, & Exo-Planets.

Spelling – We managed do to spelling X times this week before I called it quits. I like the program, and I’m happy that the school Bean will be attending use a program with a similar approach (the approach is also similar to Explode the Code as well).

Handwriting – Bean is three letters away from finishing the book.


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