February Books

clockwork keyweek wickednight surrender

*The three Tessa Dare books are my first foray into romance novels. I can’t say that it will be a genre I get into, but I did enjoy the fact that the heroines were intelligent and generally didn’t brook with any nonsense.

journey earthclassic starts 80 days

*Bean thoroughly enjoyed Journey to the Center of the Earth and Around the World in 80 Days. We’re going to continue with more titles from this series. I know they cut a lot out, but I’d rather have Bean enjoying the stories in an abridged state than never enjoying the stories at all.

the martian

*Even though I didn’t read this (my husband did), I wanted to add it to my monthly list.  It’s a good book for SF fans who like actual science and math in their novels. Just be aware that it’s written in a informal-speak-journal-entry style.

bodybeelzebub 10virgin ripper
iron maidenowari no serafu

*B.O.D.Y.: ch 1-48: I will keep reading this because I want to know what happens. However, I want to throttle the main character. I’m sure she’ll choose Boy #1 over Boy #2. I prefer Boy #2.

*Beezlebub: I’ve made it up to ch 117, volume unknown.

*Virgin Ripper(Reaper): ch 1-17: A somewhat idealistic grim reaper tries to figure out why her superior went bad and how she can fix him.

*Shishunki no Iron Maiden: ch 1-29: Another one I like. The main character has iron protrusions erupt over her body once a month. The story is still building, and there isn’t much information about why this happens (other than if the government knew she was one of those “special” girls, they’d make her disappear.)

*Owari no Serafu: ch 1-9: I really like this one. The main character is a human who seeks revenge on vampires. I believe the manga is based upon a light novel (which will be released in the US this summer).


2 responses to “February Books

  1. We love the illustrated (abridged) classics as well! 🙂 I agree that I’d rather the kids read the classics this way than never at all.

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